Backup Your Computer

We all know we should backup our data but we don’t always do it correctly, read this to make sure you have got it right. Reasons to Backup you delete something you shouldn’t have the hard drive or computer suffers a mechanical breakdown the computer is stolen or lost you are infected with a virus…… Continue reading Backup Your Computer

The End of iWeb

iWeb was a great way to make your own web site and suited many people who wanted their own home-made yet fairly sophisticated looking site without having to learn HTML or do any programming. It was very easy to use but started to lack some of the social networking elements that appeared during iWeb’s lifetime.…… Continue reading The End of iWeb

IMAP or POP, which is best?

There’s only one way to find out … fight! eMail has been buzzing around our offices and homes for 40 years, well the idea has at least, and in the last 10 years eMail has been an essential part of owning and using a computer. So how does it work? SMTP is the method or…… Continue reading IMAP or POP, which is best?

Should I upgrade to Lion?

You have very little choice, is the short answer. If you are a MobileMe user you have until June 2012, just before the GB Olympics, to upgrade your computer to MacOS X Lion and make use of all the features of the new free iCloud service. MobileMe users that don’t upgrade will lose out. If…… Continue reading Should I upgrade to Lion?

“Do I need to upgrade my computer?”

Your computer keeps crashing, BBC iPlayer stops and starts, to print you have to switch the printer off and on then wait 2 minutes and then press print, WiFi signal keeps dropping off, there’s some jam and toast stuck in the keyboardsoyoucan’tusethespacebar, World of Knitting Craft role playing game says your computer does not meet…… Continue reading “Do I need to upgrade my computer?”