Based in Frome, Somerset, UK

Former IBM mainframe Tape Operator at Wessex Water Board and IT Manager to Peter Gabriel and the Real World group of companies, over 25 years experience in computing. Developed the first WiFi at a festival (WOMAD). Apple Mac, Windows, Unix and Networking expert. I can help solve your technology problems, big or small.

I enjoy helping people understand technology and making it work for them. Friendly advice for those wishing to make their first foray into the computer world or upgrade their existing setup. Frome’s finest Apple Mac IT Support for local businesses and home users. Straightforward assistance, no nonsense support.



“On behalf of Tim Kopra thank you for your support during this mission. Any type of special contact that an ISS crew member can make to the ground is a huge moral boost! The efforts you put forth to make the video conference with Peter Gabriel for Tim is greatly appreciated” Shannon Lucid, Expedition Crew 20 Support Astronaut, STS-127 NASA

“Great service, thanks Fromester! Heartily recommended. You made the whole process easy and now I know how to use WordPress. Results at” Polly Taplin

“Is this where I plug in the modem?” Kylie Minogue, Small Room, Real World Studios, Box, UK 1996

“Coolest IT guy on the PLANET” Sally Shalam

“Thanks” – name withheld for national security



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