Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Update

STOP **** UK MAC User ALERT **** iPhoto No More, the end of iPhoto by the usurper Photos BACKUP YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE UPGRADING TO Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Apple’s latest update to Yosemite has arrived in the UK and to start the new tax year off Apple is demanding monies to store your precious…… Continue reading Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Update

Yosemite Yes

Yosemite is another step towards the perfect operating system for Mac users of all kinds. MacOS X (10.10) Yosemite is the current release version of Apple’s operating system for desktop and laptop computers. My MacBook Pro 2009 laptop looks quite different with Yosemite installed, it looks like a graphic designer has tweaked and sharpened pretty…… Continue reading Yosemite Yes

Add a Signature to a PDF

    Apple’s Preview app comes with a handy utility for creating and managing signatures which can be attached to any PDF.   Here’s how:   Open the PDF and make sure the Edit Toolbar is visible   Click on Sig in the Edit Toolbar and click the + button to add a new signature.…… Continue reading Add a Signature to a PDF

Master Your Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts

Switch between Applications as quick as a flash using your keyboard, hold down CMD ⌘ and press TAB ⇥ once This post is specifically for Mac Users I repeat … hold down CMD ⌘ and press TAB ⇥ once Its one of the best keyboard shortcuts, second only to COPY and PASTE. Use it more…… Continue reading Master Your Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts

iPhone 5 Review

Apple’s latest iPhone model is another step forward for the smartphone. We rely on these devices so much now; checking email, updating schedules, locating the nearest bar and idling a few moments on the train, oh and making phone calls too. A world without them would seem dull and slow. So do you need the…… Continue reading iPhone 5 Review

Top Tips for Lion Users

and only one for Snow Leopard users Airdrop. The easiest method of filesharing between computers, ever. Use it whenever you need to move files between computers that are within wifi range of each other. You don’t even have to connect to a network or be on the same local area network. It is simple, quick…… Continue reading Top Tips for Lion Users

from POP to IMAP in 5 Easy Steps

Things you will need to know before you move from POP to IMAP; Your email username and password, you can check if you know them by logging on to webmail for your email address using a web browser. Your IMAP server settings, these include the server address and port number and can usually be found…… Continue reading from POP to IMAP in 5 Easy Steps

MobileMe and Snow Leopard, iCloud and Lion

There is a deadline looming that MobileMe users cannot escape. On the 30th June 2012 Apple will switch off the servers that run MobileMe and if you haven’t upgraded to iCloud your MobileMe email will no longer work. If you are running MacOSX 10.7.3 (Lion) then you can move to iCloud by going to…… Continue reading MobileMe and Snow Leopard, iCloud and Lion