The End of iWeb

iWeb was a great way to make your own web site and suited many people who wanted their own home-made yet fairly sophisticated looking site without having to learn HTML or do any programming. It was very easy to use but started to lack some of the social networking elements that appeared during iWeb’s lifetime.

Apple have discontinued support for iWeb and unfortunately that also includes the Apple servers that MobileMe users were hosting their sites on. Lots of these sites are probably destined for the internet archive, unlikely to be seen again. Some can be preserved on a new server and some converted to work with new software, but most will disappear in June 2012. Now is a good time to consider what to do with your existing iWeb site, it can be almost the same as it was or completely different. There are plenty more options for web site building than when iWeb first appeared in 2006. Jimdo, Yola and Weebly let you build your site using just your web browser for free and there are countless blogging sites, social media sites, even Google sites. You can buy small applications which cost around £50 and replicate iWeb’s look and feel, such as Sandvox, Freeway, Rapidweaver or professional software suites like Dreamweaver for £500. If you need some help deciding which is best for you please get in touch. I can help with ‘the move’ and show you some new ideas to get the most out of your site.

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