“On behalf of Tim Kopra thank you for your support during this mission. Any type of special contact that an ISS crew member can make to the ground is a huge moral boost! The efforts you put forth to make the video conference with Peter Gabriel for Tim is (sp) greatly appreciated” Shannon Lucid, NASA   … Continue reading NASA


“Great service, thanks Fromester! Heartily recommended. You made the whole process easy by not responding to my emails and eventually everything worked. I cannot thank you enough.” Charles Nevin, wordsmith living at a mill in Frome, Somerset  

“Great Service”

“Is this where I plug in the modem?” Kylie Minogue, 1997, Small Room, Real World Studios, Box, UK    

Kylie Minogue

“Coolest IT guy on the PLANET” Sally Shalam  

Coolest …

“This guy is a genius” Albert Einstien

“Yeah, say whatever you like” – Bill Drummond