MobileMe and Snow Leopard, iCloud and Lion

There is a deadline looming that MobileMe users cannot escape. On the 30th June 2012 Apple will switch off the servers that run MobileMe and if you haven’t upgraded to iCloud your MobileMe email will no longer work.

If you are running MacOSX 10.7.3 (Lion) then you can move to iCloud by going to

Update June 2012 : Apple have made it easier for Snow Leopard users, read this below thoroughly and it explains all

Some Snow Leopard or earlier users cannot upgrade to Lion because of incompatible software (eg. Adobe CS4), or they have an early Intel Mac which won’t run Lion, or they simply don’t like what they’ve seen or heard about Lion. However, all is not lost, these users can still move from MobileMe to iCloud without needing to upgrade to Lion. Try following the instructions at EggFreckles to move your email, contact and calendars to iCloud. Some of the iCloud features will be missing for you though; PhotoStream for example and there’s plenty more you’ll be missing out on (and even more in the next OS Mountain Lion), especially if you have an iOS device. You need an Apple ID to use iCloud. MobileMe email addresses are Apple IDs, so if you have a MobileMe account but cannot run Lion then you can manually migrate your Apple ID to iCloud by following the instructions from Apple:

Before you do any of the above, make sure you get a good backup of your entire system.

Please get in touch if you need some help or advice

Not on Snow Leopard yet? Get a free copy from Apple

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