Top Tips for Lion Users

and only one for Snow Leopard users

Airdrop. The easiest method of filesharing between computers, ever. Use it whenever you need to move files between computers that are within wifi range of each other. You don’t even have to connect to a network or be on the same local area network. It is simple, quick and easy to use. Its almost how sci-fi writers imagined file sharing would be, without the mind linkup. How it works under the hood is much more complicated and difficult to explain: Airdrop is based on Apple’s own interpretation of the WiFi Direct standards which enable adhoc 5GHz peer to peer WPA2 networks in a similar way to bluetooth. Airdrop is an IT Manager’s nightmare because it’s so easy. Check if your computer can use Airdrop here.

If you haven’t been using LaunchPad, Mission Control and full-screen apps you really should try them again. They make navigating your way around your Mac a lot easier, but if you don’t get on with them how about using keyboard shortcuts instead?

CMD and TAB is the quick and easy way to swap between programs, press CMD then TAB and keep your finger on the CMD key, you’ll see what other programs are currently running (and using the RAM), press TAB to tab between them, press Q to quit the highlighted program or let go to select.

CMD and H will hide the current program and reveal the one behind it. Using just these two keyboard shortcuts is all you need to navigate around your Mac, they’ve both been around for years and are not a new feature of Lion or Mountain Lion.

Upgrade to Mountain Lion. Apple have been quite cheeky with this latest update to the operating system, its more like a bug fix for Lion with some cosmetic (but worth it) changes and additions. If you are a Snow Leopard user you can go straight to Mountain Lion and save yourself the cost of upgrading to Lion, check if your machine will work with Mountain Lion here.

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