from POP to IMAP in 5 Easy Steps

Things you will need to know before you move from POP to IMAP;

  1. Your email username and password, you can check if you know them by logging on to webmail for your email address using a web browser.
  2. Your IMAP server settings, these include the server address and port number and can usually be found on the web in your email provider’s support pages.

Got all them? Then you’re ready to go.

  1. Backup your computer, make sure it includes all your email and settings.
  2. Move all of your email in your Inbox and your Sent Items to local folders on your computer’s hard drive. Move Trash and Drafts also if you need to.
  3. Disable the POP account in your mail settings, only disable, do not delete.
  4. Configure your mail settings for a new account with the new IMAP server settings.
  5. Check you can send and receive by sending yourself a message.

Repeat on all other devices that check your email. Don’t leave any of your devices still checking your email with POP, this will really mess things up for you.

You can create IMAP folders (also known as mailboxes) on the IMAP server and move your old email to these folders if required.

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