Update your Mac to macOS Sierra

Fromester, Apple macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra

not to be called MacOS 10.12

New Stuff
Apple have updated their desktop operating system to one better than the previous incarnation, but this time they’ve dropped the numbering system and given it a name instead — macOS Sierra.
Ho hum.

What do you need to know?
There’s not much difference, but you should update anyway, if you can.*

If your Mac is able to run macOS Sierra and your System Preferences are set to download available updates in the background, then you may find that the reason why your broadband has been so slow recently is because the 5Gb macOS Sierra Installer has already downloaded or is currently downloading to your Applications folder, if that’s the case then you might as well update your Mac and enjoy Apple’s 2016 offering. Of course, it goes without saying, make sure you perform a Time Machine backup first and/or call Fromester for some expert advice and Mac support.

The Detail

Siri the talking computer voice on the iPhone, comes to the Mac. So now you can talk to your laptop without using third party software; “Where is my iPhone?”, “Sorry, I can’t do that” comes the response, and still rejecting marriage proposals too. This is a change in our interaction with computers, try talking to your Mac and you’ll be surprised, just speak lingua franca or your telephone voice, it really does work.

Apple Pay is integrated into the operating system, now you can spend more money quicker than before.

Messages can send videos and larger emoji, if you need to.

Universal Clipboard is a good idea that seems to work – copy something on your Mac, paste it on your nearby iPhone / iPad. A good reason for not letting your kids use your iPad, get them their own one not signed into your personal iCloud account, maybe use a family account, just a thought.

The usual security updates apply, you could read the terms and conditions and try to understand them, but it won’t make much difference, no one’s bothered.

There are many other improvements that Apple have incorporated and as usual you should update if you can. In this case it seems to be a ‘minor’ rather than a sea-change update. Expect everything to work a little bit better, and to learn yet another new way of doing things.

* Some older devices will not work with the latest updates. Click here to check if your Mac can run macOS Sierra. Cynics will say this is done on purpose, techies may understand the reasons, are we bothered? If you believe that your early 2009 iMac does all that you need then don’t upgrade, otherwise … can you afford it now?

What Macs were made for …

One more for the MacBook Pro 2015 speakers …

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