Yosemite Yes


Yosemite is another step towards the perfect operating system for Mac users of all kinds.

MacOS X (10.10) Yosemite is the current release version of Apple’s operating system for desktop and laptop computers.


My MacBook Pro 2009 laptop looks quite different with Yosemite installed, it looks like a graphic designer has tweaked and sharpened pretty much everything about the appearance without the usual consideration to keen fans of the previous version. I bet it looks great on a retina display.


Once you’ve adjusted to the colours, shapes, fonts and new icons it all makes sense. I had a lot of time to adjust to the new startup screen, quite a few hours in fact. Installing Yosemite was scary even though I had backed up before I began. There was very little feedback during the process, the estimated time to install changed from 17 minutes to 18 minutes and back again for about 2 hours, and the cooling fans were blasting away all through the upgrade. The most worrying moment was midway through the 2 hour process when my iPhone alerted me that my laptop had been upgraded. My phone was telling me that my computer had been upgraded, we’ve come a long way eh?

new mail icon

After running Software Update once more to update my Apple apps to the latest versions, everything seems to be working fine, better even than Mavericks. Some things have moved around in the menus, there’s a new System Preference called “Extensions” which veteran Mac users will recall with some horror from System 7, fear not, these are different extensions. There’s lots of other new things as usual, take a look at Apple’s website to find out more.


Do you need to upgrade? If you want to use some the new features such as iCloud Drive and Family Sharing and if you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 then go ahead and update now.


If you’d like some help with upgrading to Yosemite on your Mac(s) and configuring iCloud for you then please get in touch

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