High Sierra (macOS 10.13)

10.13 unlucky for some?

Fromester’s Guide to macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Nearly all you need to know about Apple’s Latest Operating System

Apple have given all Mac users from 2010 onwards free access to possibly the world’s best computer operating system ever. Security experts still recommend that you don’t use a computer at all for best practice, meanwhile Apple have stretched the boundaries again with a soon to be reliable secure system which includes a newly invented Disk Operating System, wow!

Install all updates as quick as you can but perform a backup first in case you have unexpected complications with your current version of macOS.

Backup before update!” is the most important mantra for most users of this latest release from Apple; changing the way the bits and bytes are organised on storage media is a fundamental modification to our computers. If things go wrong or if bugs haven’t been fixed (a few already have), then the only way back to 10.12 is to reformat and restore your drive(s) (may require drive replacement).

macOS High Sierra is a big change that we probably won’t notice unless it stops working. Oh, it did for a moment but its ok now. Apple applied a fix to Macs running macOS 10.13.1 users on 29th November 2017 without even asking, so that’s good.

December 2017: 10.13.2, keep up.

April 2019: 10.14.4 MUST HAVE Advisory

Read more about macOS High Sierra at Apple’s website: https://www.apple.com/uk/macos/high-sierra/

Check if your third party applications will work on macOS High Sierra here https://roaringapps.com/apps

The Best Bits

  • Don’t update straight away, leave it until after Christmas when you might get a new iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.x
  • Its all about security these days, and no mistake. There are very few computer companies able to say they have never been hacked. As users we must take responsibility; our terms and conditions demand that we do. Change your password to eight characters, preferably twelve, upper, lower, number, punctuation, a unique password for each username, never use the same password twice, if password compromised reset password system; this is obviously crazy and doesn’t work, but keep going it will get better.
  • Log off now and then.

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