Fromester @ Home

Autumn 2020 Update Computer support for small and friendly businesses Remote IT assistance for Mac people Half hour sessions available Call now or when you’ve got a few minutes free 077 3443 5064 Covid Safe Advice for Windows PC no longer available Latest Working in Frome @ Home Advice Change your broadband router’s admin password…… Continue reading Fromester @ Home

from POP to IMAP in 5 Easy Steps

Things you will need to know before you move from POP to IMAP; Your email username and password, you can check if you know them by logging on to webmail for your email address using a web browser. Your IMAP server settings, these include the server address and port number and can usually be found…… Continue reading from POP to IMAP in 5 Easy Steps

MobileMe and Snow Leopard, iCloud and Lion

There is a deadline looming that MobileMe users cannot escape. On the 30th June 2012 Apple will switch off the servers that run MobileMe and if you haven’t upgraded to iCloud your MobileMe email will no longer work. If you are running MacOSX 10.7.3 (Lion) then you can move to iCloud by going to…… Continue reading MobileMe and Snow Leopard, iCloud and Lion

Backup Your Computer

We all know we should backup our data but we don’t always do it correctly, read this to make sure you have got it right. Reasons to Backup you delete something you shouldn’t have the hard drive or computer suffers a mechanical breakdown the computer is stolen or lost you are infected with a virus…… Continue reading Backup Your Computer