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Apple’s latest absolutely necessary free operating system software update reviewed as notable bullet points:

  • There is likely to be a long wait for all users
  • Dashboard has been retired
  • You might not be able to use your computer for a few days
  • iTunes has been retired
  • You will learn some new ways of using your computer
  • Later on some software will work much better than before
  • Some software will not work at all
  • There is a great new screen saver
  • Photos, Time Machine and many other Apps will slow down, eventually it will be worthwhile.
  • Don’t Panic

Update now (after you have backed up everything)

Checkout the macOS Catalina 10.15 Wikipedia page for more info.

Scientits advise leaving it alone, see what happens, plug in power, keep awake, click on things, do something else, occasionally check, may take weeks.

Fromester macOS Catalina don't panic

How to downgrade from macOS Catalina to macOS Mojave

Follow these simple steps …

Remove all peripherals. Restart, press firmly on CMD and R, let go when you see the progress bar. Use Disk Utility to erase internal Macintosh HD then install recommended operating system. Restore user data from Time Machine backup or start again. Caution, some data may be lost, stolen or damaged.

All files created with 32bit software is converted to 64bit versions in macOS Catalina, which can take a very long time relatively speaking.

32bit software is not some half price cheap version of 64bit software. Removing 32bit support means ALL applications will be able to use more than 4GB of RAM, the maximum RAM available for use by 64bit operating systems is 18 Quintillion Gigabytes.

Gigabyte = a thousand megabytes, a billion bytes
RAM = where all the bits and bytes live and play, not where they sleep
32bit = fower bytes
64bit = ate bytes
Byte = ate bits
Bit = wun or none

eg. 1

iTunes, not as we know it

Have you heard about podcasts?

Apple’s favourite for many is finally retired as a single monster musical program, chopped up into clever digital chunks of free programs.

Podcasts, Music, TV

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