map of what3words decide empty kept address Frome Saxonvale
What 3 Words describes Frome Town Development History well

New Thing

What3Words is a great idea. Every 3m x 3m square on Earth assigned a unique three word mapping address. Try it out at ///illogical.backyard.ember (zoom out)

https://map.what3words.com/decide.empty.kept (zoom out)


Some critics of this method of addressing every three metre square of the two dimensions of a flat Earth have suggested that the algorithms used to generate the sequence of words could be deliberately modified to produce tailored results. It’s an unlikely coincidence that the Saxonvale site in Frome is given the address ///decide.empty.kept

Frome Saxonvale

The Frome Saxonvale site has remained empty for over twenty years. Locals can influence, change, support and learn more here.

Based in Shepton Mallet

Fromester supports almost any active use of the 9.2 acre town centre site (approx 37,000 square metres) owned by Mendip DC and the additional smaller plot owned by Frome Town Council (now sold to pay for a fountain).

Top of the list of preferred uses in recent official MORI polls is a market garden producing fruit and vegetables for the local population. Regrettably it does not fully maximise investment returns for extinction bound Mendip District Council.

For over 20 years successive development attempts have produced little commitment from the private sector.

The Saxonvale area in Frome is one of many previously used to slaughter cows, pigs, sheep and bees. For hundreds of years livestock from the surrounding Selwood fields and forests were bought to the knacker’s yards and butcher-rows of Frome.

A Market Town with a Market Garden

A market garden in the centre of Frome could produce vegetables and fruit for sale locally, providing horticultural employment and education, using a balanced approach for the future use of our publicly owned common land. Top science experts, religious leaders, busybodies and optimistic clever locals have estimated that a brownfield site has potential to harvest up to £250.00 of wholesale nutrition every year per square metre from a combination of aquaculture and hydroponic farming techniques. That’s roughly £9m per year using the entire Saxonvale site, more than the slaughtered meat the land prospered from previously.

Acorn Property Group (///bumpy.sweat.wedge) presented their initial proposals for development of the site on Friday (15/2/19) and Saturday (16/2/19) at the Silk Mill. Read what was said here:

Click to download and read a huge PDF for hours

It seems the 329 people of Frome (///ruled.fairly.patrol) who attended the consultation prefer to use seventy-five percent of the 37,000 square metre site for housing, leaving just under 10,000 square metres for parking, roads, the odd tree, some footpaths and a paved area. There are no extra schools included, search for “bus” in the document and you’ll only find “business”.

Mendip District Council – Evil Dictators or Generous Benefactors? You Decide

Mendip District Council (///back.cocoons.fails) bought the Saxonvale (///spoke.begin.expand) land as an optimistic investment. Fracking would likely maximise MDC’s ROI and whilst almost any reuse of the abandoned town centre land is preferred, building mostly houses will only increase the pressure on Frome’s existing and long standing municipal issues. A more imaginative approach could be taken to maximise the potential of this town centre asset to our blossoming town. Frome reinvented local politics, maybe now it should reinvent town centre redevelopment?

Acorn “Profits R Us” (not verified) Property Group are also principal contractor in other housing developments in Frome. #justsoyouknow

What3Words Saves Lives

What3Words is a great idea and has already been put to good use in the real world. Pinpointing those in need of emergency services to within three square metres has only been science fiction until now. Install the App on your smartphone right away. Then phone the council and ask them what plans they have for Frome’s sustainable future.

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