There are more than two ways to quit a computer program. Read on to find out how many ways you know and then take the Quitting Challenge to see how much of a quitter you really are.

Six and a Half Easy Ways to Quit

Press CMD and Q 
Press CMD and . together
Click the Red button top left
Choose File and Quit
Press Esc
Press Q
Close the lid

Or try these ‘Brexit’ methods … outcome uncertain

Choose File and Force Quit

Press CMD ALT ESC together

In the dock, press and hold on the icon and select Force Quit

Just pull out the plug

Take the Quit Challenge

This challenge uses Airtable to record your response. You may be required to click on the link below before providing your answer in order to comply with GDPR regulations. Spoils all the fun really.
Apple Mac Computer Support in Frome Quit
No mention of ‘File and Quit’ in the Mac computer dictionary, primarily hippies in Hampshire.


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