macOS Monterey

Wisteria macOS Monterey


Urgent update to Big Sur due now

— Global News January 2022

All users are advised to backup before updating to Apple’s new so called Monterey operating system also known as number 12

If you enjoyed pink Big Sur, macOS Monterey will tone things down, making it easier to reveal the quality colours and sounds your new OS can make, in simple terms

I’m a mac user and I’ve updated but I successfully backed up first

Rory Gallagher (Airport patron)
moo for monterey

Upgrade as soon as you have fully backed up, not before, unless you just don’t care.

What If …

  • My computer won’t run macOS 12 Monterey

That’s ok just keep Big Sur and Safari up to date, even if you don’t use Safari

  • I need more help

Call Fromester


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