Big Silly Sur, macOS Eleven

Big Sur Graphic

Time to update again

or is it?

All you need to know about the latest Apple Operating System upgrade Autumn 2020

Unless you bought your Mac today (Autumn 2020) you don’t really need to install Big Sur.

That was easy wasn’t it.


Now in 2021 upgrading to macOS Big Sur is really worthwhile as long as you and your Mac can cope with the comic sans style and bright pink tones and the extra load on resources to deliver the slick and secure Californian update.

As usual, some things won’t work and some things will need to be done in a slightly different fashion or process. Take some time to learn about “what’s new” by choosing Help in the Finder menus.

What if my Mac won’t run the new macOS?

If your current machine is too old to run the new macOS you still have a few options. You can find out why your Mac won’t work with the new OS and follow any guidelines to mitigate ways to continue to use your Mac safely, or you can buy a new one, yay!

What if I can’t afford a new Mac?

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IT Support


Apple Mac computers made in 2012 will not work with macOS Big Sur. This is because modern hardware and software concepts did not exist eight or nine years ago, processors have changed to adapt to computing demands, security holes have been plugged, logic pathways improved, the non-stop reduction of transistor size and laptop thickness has made hardware obsolete, plugs have changed, humans must too.

Yes, but I still can’t afford a new Mac

It is not absolutely necessary that you upgrade your 2017 MacBook to macOS Big Sur. If you are a DJ using Serato then it is very important that you don’t upgrade just yet whichever model of MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac that you own.

MacBooks from 2014, Mac minis and iMacs from 2013, MacBook Pros from early 2013, Mac Pros and MacBook Airs from 2012 are not supported by macOS Big Sur. You can continue to use them with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Apple Mac Big Sur

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