All you need to know about buying a secondhand mac

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Buying a used computer?

Read this handy guide to knowing exactly what to look for and what to avoid when considering buying a used mac that isn’t technologically obsolete …

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Don’t buy anything older than 5 years, unless you are a collector.

Computers older than 1,827 days can still be used for specific offline tasks but should not be considered for regular daily use machines. You can find out the exact age of most Mac computers by typing the serial number into this web site:

Something on your secondhand mac will not work.

Few people use personal computers in the correct way as designed or agreed to in the terms and conditions eagerly torn through when opening the shipping box. A used computer may have more than one previous owner. Recent studies conclude most laptop damage is due to corn product ingress, water and lazy programming. Before switching on your secondhand purchase please turn it upside down and shake gently, any crumbs falling out are a sign you’ve probably fixed some problems you didn’t know you had. Inspect with a UV light to understand why you should always buy new. Use a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol to clean any external ports. Computer chips can slow down in hot climates creating spinning beachballs, or hot chips.

Check everything before accepting receipt

Batteries expand causing trackpads to fail under pressure, water gets in and somehow only affects the 4, 5 and 6 keys, processors quickly overheat in Bali, entire vertical rows of screen pixels just stop working due to nearby magnets or after using the computer as a temporary seat at a transport hub, DVD drives often only work a few dozen times, small pieces of KitKat foil wrapper can get stuck in the USB ports, dongles wiggle, a wholemeal crumb may be wedged under the left option key, a computer can smell funny when hot.

Spyware could be covertly or accidentally installed by any previous owner, recording and transmitting everything from the camera, microphone, keyboard and trackpad.

Ask yourself is the seller likely to be an enemy of the state, fond of late night crumbly wholemeal biscuits and careless recycling of KitKat wrappers, recently in Bali on business or just a bit weird?

Buying secondhand means you won’t have the protection enjoyed by Apple customers with a computer under warranty. After you’ve shaken all the crumbs out, take your eBay risky purchase to an Apple Store to ask how much it will cost to fix it, for free – you can find out exactly what is broken before paying, if Apple still support it.

Apple currently support all MacBooks from mid-2012

Right now the best-buy is a mid-2012 MacBook Pro 15″ with macOS Mojave, at least 8GB RAM and an SSD with minimum 500GB internal storage at a rock-bottom price today of around £200. **OUT OF STOCK**

At the time of writing the current macOS is Mojave 10.14.5. Apple announced the Autumn 2019 release of macOS 10.15 named Catalina. All mid-2012 MacBook Pro / iMac / Mac Mini machines may become obsolete with the release of the latest Apple operating system. Expect to pay around £400 for a 2014 MacBook Pro 13″ in August 2019.

Erase and install, like you ain’t seen me

Some spyware can be buried inside boot loaders secretly written onto the internal hard drive of most modern computers. Make sure you initialise, partition and reinstall the boot volume before using a secondhand computer. Thoroughly erase and completely overwrite your risky purchase – switch on, hold down CMD and R until you see the Apple logo, follow the prompts to erase your hard drive and reinstall macOS from the internet. It is irrelevant that the computer comes with MS Office / Adobe Suite / All the latest software BECAUSE YOU MUST ERASE AND INSTALL. Do not pay extra for pre-installed software.

Recommended Primary Action

STOP looking on fleabay for a used Mac desktop or laptop

buy an iPad (Pro), Pencil and Keyboard

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