Offline Google Maps on your iPhone / iPad


The latest version of Google Maps for iOS (v2.0) has a new feature that allows you to download the mapping data to your device to use offline when you don’t have a WiFi connection or have a poor 3G signal.

Here’s how to get the data for offline use:

Whilst connected to WiFi or in a good 3G signal area open Google Maps and find the area you want to store offline, make sure you choose a large enough area to suit your needs. In the Search area type “OK Maps” and press Search, the map data will be pre-loaded and stored for later use.


Now you can use the data offline, zoom in and find your route. Ideal for a bicycle or walking route, use it like a paper map or road atlas, download the map data for your holiday destination and avoid roaming charges. When finished or no longer required you can clear the downloaded data from your device; choose Settings (in Google Maps), About, terms and privacy, Terms & privacy, Clear application data.

Not all areas are available for pre-loading, although I haven’t found anywhere that doesn’t work yet. Google Maps may say that the area you have chosen is too big to cache, just zoom in a bit more and try again.

Make sure you update to the latest version of Google Maps for iOS before trying this.

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