Apples get viruses, eh?

Yes, Apple computers can get viruses too!
Apple users have always thought that they are invulnerable to viruses, trojans and worms. Who would write a virus for a Mac when 95% of computers are Windows? But Apple users need to smarten up and get some anti-virus software installed or at least make sure they are using the in-built firewall with MacOS X.
A new report says Apple users need to be on the look out.
I use VirusBarrier X6 on my Mac, well worth the investment but the main defence is still to not click on anything you are not sure about.
The latest threats require you to enter your username and password to install the software, don’t install anything unless you are certain it is from a reputable source. Make sure you have a backup BEFORE you install anything.
You can always get in touch to ask me if the free anti-virus software you’ve found is ok to install. Actually, I can tell you now, the free ones aren’t worth downloading, get a proper licenced copy from Symantec, Intego, Kaspersky or McAfee.
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