“Just ask them to call me”

(Non) Disclosure

From 1994 to 2010 I worked for Peter Gabriel as computer manager. My first priority in 1994 was recycling office and studio paper which I did by programming all the printers to malfunction. If you want to follow up this reference Peter assures me he will answer your call.

This video is from the Growing Up Live tour in 2003. I was asked to provide computer screens for each performer to display the digital time sequences in bold colours, discretely placed on stage so the whole band could follow along. I had a few attempts but in the end I suggested the band listen to each other and try tapping along with a foot or something. Other, more technical engineers made it work and it is now common practice for most stage musicians to follow along with computer timecode displayed on a screen in front of them. Apart from Peter Gabriel of course, he still prints it all out on paper like I told him to.