“Just ask them to call me”



I was lucky enough to work for Peter Gabriel as his information technology manager from 1994 to 2010. This was after his success with the “So” album and his breakthrough use of modern video techniques and support of world music. My first priority was recycling paper, which I did by making all the printers stop working. If you want to follow up this reference Peter assures me he will answer your call.

This video is from the Growing Up Live tour in 2003. For the tour I was asked to provide a computer screen for each participant which displayed the time signature in pretty colours and discretely placed on stage so they could all follow along. I had a few attempts but in the end I suggested that they listen to each other as a band. Some other techies made it happen instead, not all the band paid attention. Its now fairly common practice for all members of a combo to follow a computer timecode display next to their on-stage monitors. Apart from Peter Gabriel, he still prints it all out on paper like I told him to.