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“On behalf of Tim Kopra thank you for your support during this mission. Any type of special contact that an ISS crew member can make to the ground is a huge moral boost! The efforts you put forth to make the video conference with Peter Gabriel for Tim is (sp) greatly appreciated” Shannon Lucid, NASA


“Great service, thanks Fromester! Heartily recommended. You made the whole process easy by not responding to my emails and eventually everything worked. I cannot thank you enough.” Charles Nevin, writer and mill resident, Frome, Somerset  

“Great Service” Frome Computer Support

“Is this where I plug in the modem?” Kylie Minogue, 1997, Small Room, Real World Studios, Box, UK   In the early days of dialup even Kylie needed help to connect up her computer. I was impressed that Kylie Minogue knew about modems and six pin UK telephone plugs, she had her own adapter, it was … Continue reading Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

“Coolest IT guy on the PLANET” Sally Shalam

Coolest … Frome Computer Support

“Yeah, say whatever you like” also “This guy is a genius” – Albert Einstien

Bill Drummond elf

“Just ask them to call me”   (Non) Disclosure From 1994 to 2010 I worked for Peter Gabriel as computer manager. This was after his success with the “So” album and his breakthrough use of modern video techniques and support of world music. My first priority was recycling paper, which I did by making all … Continue reading Peter Gabriel (2010)

Peter Gabriel (2010) Peter Gabriel

Thanks to @fromester whose excellent Mac support keeps @ShootingStarGB afloat in the digital world. Highly recommended  

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