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Big Silly Sur, macOS Eleven

Time to update again or is it? All you need to know about the latest Apple Operating System updgrade Autumn 2020 Unless you bought your Mac today (Autumn 2020) you don't really need to install Big Sur. That was easy wasn't it. Gimme someIT Support£5.00Click here to purchase. 👩‍💻 Now in 2021 upgrading to macOS … Continue reading Big Silly Sur, macOS Eleven

Frome Cheese and Grain building front

Fromester @ Home

Autumn 2020 Update Computer support for small and friendly businesses Remote IT assistance for Mac people £25 per half hour session Call now or when you've got a few minutes free 077 3443 5064 Covid Safe Advice for Windows PC no longer available. Latest Working in Frome @ Home Advice Change your broadband router's admin … Continue reading Fromester @ Home

Apple Vintage Second Hand

All you need to know about buying a secondhand mac

Buying a used computer? Read this handy guide to knowing exactly what to look for and what to avoid when considering buying a used mac that isn't technologically obsolete ... For sale, offers This is an 'advert' Don't buy anything older than 5 years, unless you are a collector. Computers older than 1,827 days can … Continue reading All you need to know about buying a secondhand mac