April 2020 Update

Computer support for small and friendly businesses

Remote IT assistance for Mac people

£30 per half hour session

Call now or when you’ve got a few minutes free

Patience of a saint

Advice for Windows PC is no longer available.

Latest Working in Frome @ Home Advice

Use Zoom for work only, do not use for family and friends, try HouseParty

Update everything to the latest version possible; macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and iOS 13.4

Be scam aware

Change your broadband router’s admin password to something other than Covid-19, make sure your WiFi network has a different password. You can usually login to your broadband router to change or update settings with one of these links or but don’t mess about with other settings, just change the password

How to clean an iPhone


Calm picture of Juhu Tara beach, Mumbai, March 2020 25M people under lockdown
Juhu Tara beach, Mumbai, India, March 2020, 25 million people in lockdown