Fromester’s simple guide to avoiding ten of the most common computer pitfalls recently discovered by top Mac user interface scientists based in Frome, Somerset

    1. Don’t click on MacKeeper, MacBooster, MacEasyNow, Bleach My Mac, FreeVirusCheckForFools or adverts in web pages, emails or text messages. Do not install free/trial software. Always pay for online services. Avoid using email. Do not use Facebook. Read and understand an online service agreement from start to finish once then cover all your webcams and microphones with electrical tape as required.
    2. Repeat 5 times.

Top 5 Things You MUST do if you own a Mac

  1. Clean regularly. Use a damp (but not wet) cloth, shutdown and remove power lead when cleaning the keyboard, screen or around the USB ports. Don’t let water get in between the tiny gaps and don’t rub too hard.
  2. Back up your entire internal hard drive. This is not the same as storing your files in any sort of e, i or o cloud. Use Time Machine with an external USB hard drive twice the size of your computer’s hard drive. But don’t stop there, find out how to restore a file, folder or even everything in your file system.
  3. Print any photos you want to keep. Use Kodak photo paper or similar. Learn about other archive methods for long term digital storage and retrieval.
  4. Always use a reputable VPN on all your devices for computer security made easy.
  5. Call Fromester.

Images and video possibly unrelated to post.

House trolling in Frome

Apple Mac Computer Support in Frome Somerset UK
party house
Apple Mac Computer Support in Frome Somerset UK
old england
Top 10 things not to do on a Mac
Birthday House

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