“Never Lose Anything Ever Again”

That was what Apple said when they announced Spotlight, the magnifying glass in the top right that has been there since 2005 with MacOS X Tiger (10.4).

Spotlight Quick Tips

    • Press COMMAND SPACEBAR instead of moving your mouse to the top right
    • Use Spotlight as a calculator, just type in a calculation to see the answer
    • If you get too many results in your search you can narrow it down to a particular type of file by typing “kind:filetype” where filetype is either image email application audio music to the end of your search, eg. “fromester kind:email”
    • Try “kind:application” to find all of the Applications on your computer, how many duplicates do you have?
    • Use Boolean expressions – AND NOT OR in your search, eg “fromester NOT kind:email”

For more Spotlight help see the Apple Support site or choose Mac Help in the Help Menu in Finder and type “Spotlight” in the search field.

Spotlight makes an index of your hard drive and optionally any other drives you access. Occasionally the index can become damaged and Spotlight doesn’t work as expected. Follow this Apple KnowledgeBase article to reindex your hard drive if Spotlight stops working properly. If you keep losing other things, like your car keys or glasses, take a holiday and let your brain reindex.

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