I know everything about computers! Apples, networks, wifi, websites, mobiles and the like. For those in the know, Unix too. Specialist areas include media, music, film, mapping and design, most gentle folk, Kylie, MI5 and other difficult areas.

Need help? Then look no further.

Tuition in Microsoft stuff, Apple Apps or take a glide through spreadsheets. Businesses and individuals – it’s never too late to learn or fix it.

For problem solving, solutions, support and one to one advice get in touch.

One response to “IT”

  1. Hi

    I live just outside Frome and your details came up on the Solwise site as I am looking to get my internet from my house out to a barn where i have made an office. It is about 150 yards i guess and I’m keen to avoid digging a trench for cable if possible. We have satellite broadband as the BT copper cable signal basically does not work for us – we are the last house abut 8 miles from the exchange. Any hints on the Solwise or other options would be really appreciated. Not a Mac user but still okay! Nick

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